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I Am Reconnected Home - Daniela Simeone, MA - Reconnective Healing - The Reconnection - Transformational Coach - Minneapolis/Saint Paul/Twin Cities-Minnesota/MN
I am a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner and a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, facilitating this life-changing work since 2003, as well as a Transformational Coach and Integrative Health and Well-Being Facilitator since 1997. I experience Reconnective Healing as a coming home and living the fullness of who we are, right here and now, with compassion and grace. It is my passion and my joy to assist you in reconnecting to your Essence, to who you truly are, and to witness your profound life transformations. I open the door for you to walk into greater unity with your Essence and with the Universal Source to empower true healing on all levels of your being. As you walk through, you can open to your true purpose and you can allow your innate gifts and abilities. I rejoice in your empowerment and trust that as you reconnect, you can access directly all that you need from the Universe. I honor you and your healing process! 

Featured Testimonial

"With her profound intuition Daniela Simeone gently guides you to walk into the Light — connect with Spirit/Source and begin your journey of healing spiritually, emotionally and physically. We highly recommend her as a gifted healer and practitioner of Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. Your life will truly be transformed beyond description."

Pat & Fred K.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. 
We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

- Teilhard de Chardin  
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My Philosophy

Whether we realize it or not, each of us is on an evolutionary path toward greater wholeness and connection to All That Is. Our journey in this lifetime is to reconnect to who we truly are and to express our Essence in relationship with ourselves, with others, with the world we live in, and with the universe. Each of us have our own life mission to accomplish and our own unique gifts and abilities to share with the world. Our lives are a process of shedding that which keeps us separate from our greater truth as we learn the lessons inherent in each obstacle along the way.

Our challenges, be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or difficulties in our relationships with others or with abundance, are only lessons to be learned. Once we learn and integrate the lesson, they simply fall away and we are filled with more of our Essence - the beauty, light and grace we truly are. There can be many layers to remove ... many veils that create the illusion of separation and prevent us from owning the inherent perfection that is who we truly are. Yet when we move our awareness to observing our lives from a higher perspective without judgement, we can come to appreciate and be thankful for each obstacle as an opportunity for personal growth and evolution.

I am deeply grateful for Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. They are gifts that facilitate the process of shedding away these layers with greater ease and speed to find the joy and peace in living our life path ... no matter what lessons life has to offer.

Each of us is important ... Each of us is unique ... Each of us has gifts to offer to bring greater wholeness to all of humanity, not just to our own lives. As we reconnect to our Essence, to our planet and to the Universe we are truly empowered and we radiate more light and information into our world. And, like laughter, this light is "contagious" as it entrains others to resonate with us at a higher level, ultimately bringing us to a state of oneness ... filled with the love, peace, joy, abundance and clarity that is our natural birthright.

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Benefits of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection can empower you to:

  • heal your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit
  • clear root cause of health issues
  • release limiting beliefs
  • let go of sabotage patterns
  • experience wholeness and well-being
  • activate your true potential
  • manifest your true heart's desire
  • live your passion fearlessly
  • awaken your intuition and innate gifts
  • connect to your Essence/Higher Self
  • manifest positive relationships and resolve issues
  • transform your life
  • experience peace and joy in living
  • live from a state of love, light, prosperity and abundance
  • accelerate your personal evolution and optimize your life
  • align your life path with your purpose
  • transcend perceived limitations
  • expand your consciousness
  • awaken to your mastery
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For more information, please visit: www.TheReconnection.com