About Daniela Simeone, MA

Daniela Simeone, MA - Reconnective Healing Foundational & Reconnection-Certified Practitioner - Transformational Coach - Saint Paul/Minneapolis/Twin Cities, Minnesota/MN

Daniela's life passion and mission is to assist others in reconnecting to their Essence (who they truly are) and to our Universal Source. She empowers her clients to advance on their true life path, to live their full potential and to experience the fulfillment their hearts desire that is their natural birthright. She feels honored and grateful to share this gift and witness her clients’ healing awakenings and profound life transformations.

Daniela is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner™ and a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner™. She facilitates this life-changing work since 2003. She also empowers people to integrate their healing transformations and continue making progress in their lives in her Integrative Health & Well-Being and Transformational Coaching practice since 1997.

Daniela's journey of personal healing and transformation brought her to encounter Reconnective Healing at a time when she was finally ready to fully accept her own unique gifts and abilities as a healing facilitator. She had been on a quest to understand and to allow the true essence of healing coming naturally through her that transcended the psychotherapy models and the energy healing modalities she had trained in and offered in her existing private practice.

Synchronistically, she learned about an upcoming Reconnective Healing training. As she intuitively tuned-in, something deep within her resonated with this work and she knew she was meant to do it. Three days after she first heard about it, she participated in the Reconnective Healing Practitioner Training (Levels I and II) with Dr. Eric Pearl. 

Daniela experienced the Reconnective Healing frequencies as a powerful "coming home". She found that this work allowed her to re-connect to her own Essence and to her oneness with our Universal Source on a deeper, fuller and more profound level than ever before. It also allowed her the freedom to fully express her natural gifts and abilities. She was able to empower profound Reconnective Healing experiences for her clients right from the start.

She is grateful to Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection for quantum leaps in her own evolution and for setting her on the clearest life path both professionally and in her personal life. Reconnective Healing transformed her life in ways she had not even dared to imagine. She experiences Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection as gifts to receive and to offer with deep gratitude, compassion and grace. She feels this work is incredibly beautiful in its simplicity as well as powerful and effective in facilitating the greatest healing transformations for herself and for her clients.

Daniela experiences life as an invitation to evolve toward greater wholeness and connection to the Universal Source and to all that is. Our life challenges are growth opportunities. They offer lessons to be learned and in so doing we reconnect more fully with who we truly are, our Essence and with the Universe. For her, Reconnective Healing, the Reconnection and Transformational Coaching are gifts that facilitate the process of clearing the layers of separation with greater ease and speed, to assist us in living our own unique life path and our full potential with peace and joy.

Daniela's private practice locally serves Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota as well as a global clientele. She offers in-person Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection®, and Transformational Coaching sessions. She also facilitates Distance Reconnective Healing and Transformational Coaching sessions worldwide. Most of her clients come to experience healing of complex health and life challenges, as well as acceleration of personal growth and evolution. She enjoys working with adults and children, clients' family members, as well as pets/animals. 

Daniela works with clients experiencing various life challenges affecting mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being including depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, trauma, autism, relationship issues, difficulty finding one's life path, transition support, as well as many different health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, sports injuries etc.. She also works with people interested in accelerating their personal growth, evolution and "upgrading" their system.

In addition, she knows first-hand about the importance and benefits of self-care and continued personal development for healthcare professionals. Her clientele includes seasoned psychotherapists, social workers, energy workers and other professionals in the healthcare field and beyond.

Daniela has a Master's degree in psychology. She is an experienced Transformational Coach and a professional practitioner of psychospiritual mind-body work (Guided Self Healing, Polarity Resolution Process, Guided Imagery/Meditation Facilitator, Group Healing Facilitator) as well as several energy modalities (Frequencies of Brilliance, Healing Touch, High Touch Jin Shin Accupressure, Therapeutic Touch). This expertise complements her work in Reconnective Healing.

In addition to her work, Daniela enjoys family time with her husband and their young daughter. She also enjoys spending time in nature, gardening, dancing and walks with their little dog. She offers her services in English and Romanian.

She looks forward to connecting and sharing this gift with you!

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