Unity Field Healing (UFH)

Quantum Support for the New Human
Experience Evolutionary Healing and Transformation through Your Quantum DNA

Unity Field Healing is a brand NEW energy-based modality in the world of Energy Medicine to support healing and bio-spiritual transformation. In evolution since 2012 – when the early information guiding its development was first received – it has grown into a powerful and respected modality for healing and catalyzing profound personal transformation!

Sessions work through the axis of your spiritual or "Quantum DNA". UFH is intended to facilitate physical, emotional and mental transformation through recalibration with your spiritual DNA system.

This recalibration is performed in a series of three energy healing sessions. The work first bridges and strengthens the alignment with your own DNA axis in Session 1. The work continues in Session 2 with an attunement to an interdimensional light pattern, the Unity Field Template, to help recalibrate the energy system. Session 3 is then provided to integrate specific intentions that are unique and personal to each client in their own journey through the process of healing and transformation.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Unity Field Healing sessions. Whether you desire a healing for a specific health condition/life challenge, or you simply wish to experience greater levels of well-being, balance and harmony in your life, these benevolent energies can facilitate opening the door for you to access your desired outcome. Unity Field Healing can be valuable and appropriate for adults and children.

Unity Field Healing Allows You to Align, Ascend and Embody Your Highest Potential.

Today, many people like you are aware of the power to heal through energy and growth in consciousness. Most forms of Energy Medicine or Vibrational Healing that we are familiar with are based on the channeling of universal energy, or designed to release restrictions or blockages in the human energy bodies. UFH is no exception to this paradigm – but it is remarkably different as you will discover! It is an evolutionary program that is designed to support healing and bio-spiritual transformation through the axis of your Quantum or Spiritual DNA.

Your quantum DNA can be thought of as a field of information that is intimately connected to your physical DNA. As a field of information, it is an invisible part of your DNA system – for we are not yet able to view quantum energy in the “3D” world. We are however able to feel and sense this energy – and certainly feel the effect of changes in this energy – as you will experience in Unity Field Healing! The Quantum element of your DNA originates from the internal creative space of your spiritual nature or being. You can imagine it as an energetic connection to your Higher Spiritual Self. As you will discover here in your exploration – it is a vast inter-dimensional field of information that governs your life in mystical ways. In this field – there is information about all elements of your life, your healing and well being – and even your soul’s journey through time!

Importantly, and deeply important to the work of Unity Field healing – your Quantum DNA provides an energetic bridge between “you” and your deeper spiritual nature. The purpose of UFH is to catalyze an awakening or an empowerment of this connection – to provide a recalibration with the deeper healing potential that originates in your own innate divinity or “Spiritual” Design.

The work of Unity Field Healing was channelled through a series of visionary meditative experiences by its founder Dr. John Ryan. In these experiences Dr. John was shown the quantum DNA field – and how it contains information that has a creative influence on our lives. He was also introduced to a light template now known as the Unity Field Healing Template.

The Three Unique UFH Sessions

Session 1 is entitled “Self Attunement“. Session 1 works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and spiritual DNA blueprint. This is a foundational energy session and it is completed first in the sequence of UFH sessions.

Session 2 is entitled “Unity Field Healing Template Attunement”. Session 2 provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template. This is a deeply restorative energy session – and also provides the foundation needed to begin working more “personally” in Session 3. This is also a foundational energy session and it is completed second in the sequence of UFH sessions.

Session 3 is titled “Unity Field Healing – Targeted Intentional Support”. Session 3 provides an energy session that is aligned with a specific “personal intention”. It is purposed to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in your personal life – that “need” or “would benefit from” healing attention. These “intentions” may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues – experiences or patterns that arise uniquely in all of our lives. Intentions can also include themes of spiritual expansion and higher consciousness integration – as one journeys along the road of deeper personal healing and transformation. In doing so, UFH Session 3 provides an energy process that may be used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person through a common process. Session 3 is the same – but the energetic response is unique and tailored to the intention which is consciously applied.

Session 3 may be re-used any number of times to deepen support around any single healing intention – and used again and again to include a new intention in the journey of healing and personal transformation!

Daniela Simeone, MA - Unity Field Healing Template

The Unity Field Healing Template

The UFH Template is an interdimensional or quantum light pattern that presented through a series of pictograms in a meditative vision to Dr. John. In the presentation it was shown that the pattern works within the field of Quantum Energy of an individual’s DNA and forms the foundation of the UFH Healing Work.

The pattern is a light catalyst – one that stimulates a recalibration within the human energy system to one’s higher spiritual energy system or Higher Self nature – and leads to an increase in the vibration or power of one’s quantum multidimensional self.

***The UFH template represents a quantum or inter-dimensional light pattern. It works in a restorative way within the human Quantum DNA field – to help re-calibrate your human energy system with your original “blueprint” of energy. You might think of it as a resetting of energy – to clear energy patterns that have arisen and may lead to imbalance or disease states within the human energy fields.***

Shortly after receiving the template through a vision, Dr. John was provided channelled information on the purpose and potential of the template – an experience which was foundational in the development of UFH. You can read it below and develop a deeper understanding. In UFH you will receive an intentional attunement to the template in Session 2. The template also become active in Session 3 as you work more personally with “intentional healing work” specific to your personal life and journey.




What to Expect During a UFH Session

During a healing session, I work without touching the client. During the session, you will be asked to lie down and close your eyes. I work in silence during the session. You are invited to relax by bringing your attention into your body and to simply allow the experience to unfold. Please feel free to open your eyes if you feel the need to do so at any time during the session or to let me know if you have any concerns. I will address your concerns and do all that is appropriate and possible to support your comfort in this process.

As the practitioner, I interact with the energy, light and information as a catalyst for the client's return to balance. Healings can come in all forms: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and beyond. Everyone's experience with healing is unique and perfect for them.

The highly palpable healing frequencies continue to work long after the end of the session. By participating in these sessions you are forever changed and you will function at and be attuned to a higher frequency than ever before. 

If it feels appropriate, please allow yourself a period of rest or quiet time after the session to integrate the healing. A short walk outdoors is a favorite way to support your integration. 

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How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Often healings are reported in an instant in just one session. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Generally it is recommended that you consider up to three sessions per healing cycle for a particular health issue or life challenge. Although each session is special, often, something particularly special is reported about session number three. 

Healings occur in an instant. What takes the time is for the person to decide to accept the healing. If you receive everything you're looking for by your first, second or third session, it's time to let go and allow things to unfold on their own. If you don't notice anything by your third session, Reconnective Healing may not be the appropriate way for you to receive what you're looking for at that time in your life. Again, you may want to let go and allow whatever might unfold to do so. You may choose to return in three, six, maybe even 12 months.

The only time you might consider a few more sessions around the time of your first three is if a new situation arises for you or if you've been experiencing clear, recognizable, consistent improvement over the first three visits and it looks as if there's a little more to go. At that point you might consider a few more sessions. After that, again let go and allow it time to unfold. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits or 'touch-ups'. You do not need long-term 'weekly' sessions or to visit a practitioner on an 'ongoing' basis. Once you have your session(s), you own your change, your healing, your evolution. It's yours. No one can take it away from you. Ever.

You can receive Unity Field Healing sessions as many times as desired throughout your life. When you wish to heal and transform new or different health conditions, life challenges or to simply allow for greater balance, well-being and harmony, Unity Field Healing can support you to experience greater ease and grace on your life journey.

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Unity Field Healing sessions are typically 1 hour long with a minimum of 30 minutes of table time. There is a brief check-in at the start of the session as well as a de-briefing of your experience after the session. 

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Possible Healing Outcomes

Reconnective Healing is not about directing energy to specific areas or diagnosing in any way. In fact, some of the greatest healings reported over the years have been in cases where the practitioner knew nothing at all about what the client was contending with. By getting out of the way, the practitioner is able to allow the healing that the universe intended to come through at this time.

"Your healing may come in the form you anticipate ...
Or it may come in a form you haven't even dreamed of,
one that the universe has designed specifically for you!"

- Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Reconnective Healing has aided in healing health challenges such as:

  • chronic diseases
  • cancers and tumors
  • Lyme disease
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • chronic pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • AIDS-related diseases
  • epilepsy
  • cerebral palsy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • trauma
  • depression
  • emotional problems including stress and anxiety
  • addictions
  • accelerated recovery after surgery or injury

Sometimes healing comes in a form that is easily recognizable, for example, a health challenge just disappears. Other times, healings come in a more subtle form or they manifest weeks or months after your sessions. You may simply experience greater peace, contentment and ease in your life although life circumstances remain constant. Or, you may find 3 months down the line that your relationships with loved ones are now more peaceful and harmonious than ever before and you have no idea how this came about. The possibilities are limitless!

I invite you to remain open and observe what is happening in your life on a fuller scale than simply focusing on the specific challenge that brought you to have your sessions. Profound change is possible on many levels simultaneously and it takes being present with yourself and your process to notice it. Our perception of the healing received can be quite subjective and it is largely a function of our focus and how broad we allow our perspective to be.

Reconnective Healing benefits can and often include:

  • More energy and vitality
  • Clarity
  • Sense of direction
  • Balance
  • Peace of mind
  • Accelerated personal growth and evolution

Please realize that, just as with medicine, as your Reconnective Healing practitioner, I am not able to make any specific promises or guarantees regarding what the results of a healing will be. Three people can come in with seemingly the same set of symptoms and the same diagnosis and receive three different sets of results. It is the person, not the situation that responds, so track records for specific problems are relatively meaningless as indicators of probable outcome.

As the practitioner, I interact with the frequencies, I do not direct the healing. The healing is directed by God/Love/Universe/Source - choose the word you are most aligned with. I am facilitating merely by being present, participating merely by feeling, observing and listening. In Reconnective Healing, specializing isn't applicable as it isn't the disease that heals, it's the person ... and the healing depends upon what's appropriate for that person in keeping with their specific life path, which may or may not correspond with their conscious desires.

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Optimal State of Mind

The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy or childlike curiosity, without specific expectations or attachment to results. During the session, you will be asked to lie down and close your eyes. Lie there as if you have a little unexpected rest time. Place your attention inside your body and observe what you are feeling. Just notice what you notice!

During these sessions it is not necessary and, in fact, not recommended that you expect or attach to any specific outcome. There is no need to breathe a special way, or to visualize relaxing scenes, or a desired result. There is no need to meditate or repeat mantras, silently or otherwise. Instead, notice whatever it is that brings itself to your attention. Be receptive to the experience, knowing that you are participating in a positive and exciting process brought to you by God/Love/Universe/Source to give you exactly what you may need at this time.

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Dress comfortably. You will be fully clothed, shoes off, resting face-up on a padded massage table. Inform me if you have difficulty lying on your back, and I will accommodate you as best as possible. You may also receive this work while sitting in a comfortable chair or in a wheelchair if applicable.

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Scents, Fragrances and Aromas

Various scents, fragrances and/or aromas often appear during your session. Please arrive free of externally added fragrances.

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Jewelry, Belts, Coins, Mobile Phones, etc.

You do not have to empty your pockets, remove your belt, coins, rings, watch or even battery-operated items such as mobile phones. Simply make yourself comfortable. Turn off all mobile phone sounds to allow for a relaxed atmosphere.

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Mixing Modalities

To ensure you receive the greatest benefit, your UFH session is not going to be mixed with any other energy healing modalities. Mixing the sessions with anything dilutes them and reduces them to something other than the full healing spectrum. You are invited to allow yourself to be in your own energy starting a few days prior to your sessions and through the weeks that follow. The more time you allow yourself to be in your own energy, the better.

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Distance/Remote UFH Sessions

UFH sessions can be done remotely. This means that the client does not have to be physically present in my office. You can enjoy your session from the comfort of your own home. The healings occur outside the constraints of time and space. No matter where you are in the world, whether it be hundreds or thousands of miles or kilometers from where I am, your experience of the session will be just as powerful as receiving it in person.

Unlike many other energy healing modalities, we are working in a quantum field. Many people report that distance healing sessions are just as powerful as those facilitated in person.

For distance/remote healing sessions, the process is as follows. The client will book an appointment by phone or email. At the time of the appointment, the client needs to have a quiet place to relax and ensure no interruptions for one hour to allow for a relaxed atmosphere. The client will be sitting or lying down in a comfortable place to allow the body to relax and experience the session.

At the scheduled day and time, I  will call the client by phone or Skype to notify the client that the session will start. I will briefly address any questions or concerns the client may have at this time. I will then work for approximately 30 minutes. Once the work is complete, I will call the client again to debrief the session for a few minutes.

Please note that distance healing sessions must be prepaid to ensure the client's commitment to the session and my availability. Appointments are confirmed once payment is received. For more information on payments for distance sessions please contact me.

Every new client must also fill out and sign the new Client Intake Form and the Client Bill of Rights Form before your first distance session (as required by local State laws). Please scroll down to the New Client Forms section to find the links to these two forms. 

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New Client Forms

All new clients booking in-person and/or distance UFH sessions must fill out and sign the new Client Intake Form and the Client Bill of Rights Form (as required by local State laws).

Please click on the following links to fill out and sign both forms. Once you have entered your information, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of each form. Thank you kindly for taking the time to do so at your earliest convenience.

If you have difficulty accessing these online, please contact me and I will email you the links to these forms and/or the actual forms. These completed signed forms must be submitted/returned via email prior to your session ... preferably before or at the time of your appointment confirmation. If you have questions or need support to fill these out, please feel free to contact me.




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For more information, please visit: www.UnityFieldHealing.com